Warranty Policy

Dear customer,

Thank you for your choice and trust in ASMILITY furniture products. We attach great importance to your expectations of product quality and after-sales service, in order to ensure that you have as long as possible to enjoy the use, we have formulated the following furniture warranty policy:

Warranty Period: We provide a 5-year warranty period for your purchase of furniture products, which starts from the date you purchase the furniture. During the warranty period, we will provide free repair and replacement services to solve problems caused by manufacturing defects.
Warranty Coverage: Our warranty policy applies to the following issues: furniture frames, internal spring systems, padding and fabric defects. In addition, wood furniture warranty coverage also covers breakage, cracking and deformation problems.
Warranty application: If there is a problem with your furniture during the warranty period, please contact our customer service team in time to provide a detailed description of the problem and relevant photos. We will process your warranty claim as soon as possible and arrange the necessary repair or replacement service.
Warranty Conditions: In order for the warranty policy to be effective, we require you to comply with the following conditions: the furniture must be used in accordance with the instruction manual, and cannot be maliciously damaged, accidental damage or problems caused by improper use are not covered by the warranty. In addition, we ask you to carry out proper daily maintenance and cleaning after purchasing the furniture to extend its life.
Other precautions: When installing the furniture, please carefully check for any breakage or defects. If you find a problem after delivery, please contact our customer service team within 48 hours so that we can deal with it in a timely manner´╝łwebsite direct contact or amsiliyt@outlook.com´╝ë
We believe that these warranty policies will provide you with adequate protection. If you have any questions about this warranty policy or need further explanation, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you again for your choice and support!

Best wishes, ASMILITY